June 17, 2009

First Meeting of the Teaching About Terrorism Group

This is the text of the announcement of the first meeting of the SIG on 12 September 2008 for the record:

The arrest of Nottingham University postgraduate student Rizwaan Sabir and a Nottingham administrator Hicham Yezza in relation to the downloading of an ‘Al Qaeda’ manual for Rizwaan’s dissertation research has highlighted the emerging and ongoing difficulties of teaching about ‘terrorism’ and political violence in the current climate. (more…)

June 13, 2009

Hello world!
Confessions of an Oenophile - An American Family Cookbook
Henry V: The Scourge Of God

Welcome to the Teaching About Terrorism blog.  This blog is the home of the Teaching About Terrorism Special Interst Group

Looking For The Elf Lords
of C-SAP (Centre for Sociology, Anthropology, Politics) of the UK Higher Education Academy.

The group was established in 2008 and held its first meeting at Strathclyde University in September of that year. The group focuses on pedagogical issues faced by academics engaged in the delivery of courses on ‘terrorism’, political violence and associated subjects. The group offers a forum for discussion of these contested issues and encourages a wide participation from academics and teachers in this area.


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