June 18, 2009

Grant to study Teaching About Terrorism

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C-SAP has awarded  around £12,000 to a team from the Teaching About Terrorism Group to study how Terrorism  and political violence are taught across the UK.  The team is led by David Miller (Strathclyde) and includes Marie Breen Smyth (Abersytwyth) and Dave Whyte (Liverpool).

This project aims to research the extent and nature of teaching about terrorism in UK Universities in Sociology, Politics and Criminology.   This is important because of the renewed interest in teaching and researching terrorism that has hugely expanded post 11 September 2001.  It is also because the teaching of terrorism has become a topic of some controversy as a result of government, media and law enforcement interest, with considerable resulting uncertainty about what constitutes appropriate and legal content for teaching and learning. (more…)

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