June 18, 2009

Call for papers for the Joint Meeting on “Teaching and Researching Terrorism”

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Sponsored by the BISA Critical Studies on Terrorism Group and the Teaching About Terrorism Special Interest Group of C-SAP. Supported by the Consortium for Research on Terrorology and Political Violence.

Date of Meeting: 17/18 Oct 2009.
Place: Department of Peace Studies, University of Bradford.

The goal of the meeting is to encourage cross-disciplinary dialogue between academics dealing with the issue of terrorism. We cordially invite submissions from researchers in any field of social sciences to present their research and participate in interdisciplinary discussions.

Topics for panels include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Teaching About Terrorism: The arrest of Nottingham University postgraduate student Rizwaan Sabir and a Nottingham administrator Hicham Yezza in relation to the downloading of an ‘Al Qaeda’ manual for Rizwaan’s dissertation research has highlighted the emerging and ongoing difficulties of teaching about ‘terrorism’ and political violence in the current climate. This panel seeks papers which explore cases of controversy or examine the practice of teaching about terrorism. What issues are faced in teaching sensitive issues like terrorism. What constraints are faced on teaching about terrorism and political violence and what should be the response of academics to these constraints? The panel could include reports of particular cases or wider analyses.
  • Western State Terrorism: State Terrorism is widely agreed to be the most common and widespread kind of terrorism, yet it is subjected to much less analysis than non-state terror. This panel seeks papers on state terrorism which explore definitions, practices, historical trajectories and questions of how to counter state terror. In particular papers on aspects of Western state terrorism are welcome.
  • The value of the historic dimension? Terrorism is not new, nor is the so-called ‘modern’ form a recent development, even if advances in ICT have increased its reach and significance.  This panel seeks to evaluate whether treating terrorism as a modern phenomenon magnifies its significance and prevents rational debate or whether seeing terrorism as a normal part of the politics of violence is to misunderstand the ‘new’ dimension.
  • Teaching about terrorism – the non-Atlantic perspective. This panel seeks to identify and understand the approach and substance employed in countries and establishments outside the US and Western Europe.

These topics are interpreted in the broadest sense. We invite papers also from any other areas that engage with Critical Terrorism Studies. There is no charge for admission.

To submit a proposal

Please send an abstract of max. 300 words no later than August, 14, 2009 by e-mail to Valentina Bartolucci v.bartolucci@bradford.ac.uk.

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